Triple Crown Acquisitions is a privately held energy company that provides a comprehensive and accessible outlet for liquidating oil and gas interests. We purchase oil and gas mineral and royalty interests as a long-term investment and help the individual mineral and royalty owner convert producing or non-producing minerals into cash. Through decades of experience in the acquisition business and guidance from our geologist partners we are committed to offering the best evaluations for our clients while providing reasonable financial returns for our investors. Our reputation means everything to us; we aim to handle each transaction with fairness and transparency.

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Reasons to Sell

  • Clean up estate assets and avoid foreclosure delinquencies and tax problems

  • Eliminate future legal expense and transfer costs which can exceed the value of the royalty interest

  • Prevent out-of-pocket expenses for tax preparation and related costs in calculating percentage depletion for federal reporting purposes

  • Eliminate tracking of royalty interest income and taxes associated with the interest which can be especially cumbersome for small interest owners

  • Prevent the liability of property tax payments

  • More secure investments for long-term planning

  • Pay off debt such as high-interest credit cards, medical bills, college expenses or other expenditures