What are the advantages to selling my minerals and royalties for a lump sum?2021-10-15T09:16:27-05:00

Liquidating your interests for cash will allow you to:

  • Clean up your estate and save your heirs from the complicated and expensive title transfer process.
  • Apply the proceeds to safer investments.
  • Eliminate complicated record keeping, paperwork and tax reporting.
  • Pay off debt and save on interests on loans, credit cards, a mortgage, or a car loan.
  • Apply the lump sum toward priorities such as college expenses, home renovations, early retirement, or a well-deserved vacation.
Do mineral and royalty interests lose value over time?2021-11-04T14:52:29-05:00

YES. Oil and gas wells are a depleting asset. Every oil and gas well will most likely be plugged and abandoned. So, although royalty income can increase in the short term due to rises in oil and gas prices or production enhancement projects, your royalty checks will decline over the long run. Each month that your wells produce, there is less oil and gas left in the ground. Selling your royalty income may allow you to make other investments that grow overtime, versus deplete.

Why does Triple Crown Acquisitions want to buy my mineral and royalty interests?2021-11-04T14:52:43-05:00

Minerals and royalties are worth more to our investors than they are to most individuals and institutions. This is because our investors are able to significantly reduce the uncertainty of royalty income and limit the risks of holding minerals and royalties in ways that most of us can’t. Our portfolio consists of properties in multiple regions and many different oil and gas wells,  therefore the risk is spread out rather than concentrated in a certain area or type of well. Lower risk means higher value…and a higher lump-sum payout to you.

How do I get a competitive cash offer for my royalty interest?2021-10-15T09:17:07-05:00

TCA has a simple process we use to evaluate your interest and provide you with a prompt and fair offer. We provide this evaluation as a free service, and you will be under no obligation to sell. If you are considering selling your royalty and/or mineral interests, please talk to us first so that we can help you get the best value.

How long does the closing process take?2021-11-04T14:53:13-05:00

Once you let us know we have a deal, we will enter into a purchase agreement or conveyance contract. Our deals are funded internally which means we don’t have to go out and raise money to close deals. This allows us to be more efficient, flexible and speeds up the process considerably. The title verification process varies in every deal but a majority of our deals close within 3 weeks. We make every effort to close deals quickly and we can close by cashier’s check, wire, company check or even meet in person for an exchange.

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